Adhering to Accessibility Standards

Status report: cleaning up PRs and setting new goals

This week I spent most of my time preparing a pitch for Seneca’s “Pitch Nite”, where our team — among other teams who took part in similar challenge sets in Seneca’s 2021 Hackathon— would meet Sightline Innovation. To see everybody’s different pitches, designs, and demos for their proposed solutions was wonderful. Though with “Pitch Nite” long done, it was time to get back to work.

Tonight I’ve made the suggested changes to my last week’s PR regarding decorating each post with a class that matches the blog host platform. I’ve changed how the function is used and where it is called and I’m planning on dedicating the weekend to make sure that this lands before Monday since I also plan to create a second PR to fix the Blogspot issue right away.

As for my plans to improve Telescope’s accessibility, I’ve contacted Yuan (she’s sort of currently leading the charge) as to where I should begin— I don’t want to set out to fix something she’s already got under control. Moreover, I’ve been using Anton’s initial issue as a good place to start, reading the set industry accessibility standards and making note of what to look out for. For example, there is an entire list dedicated to making sure your website is readable (see here)— I will spend some time going through the list as I examine Telescope inside and out. As for now, I may try and take over this issue (#2001: Improve the visual break between posts in the timeline) to help Yuan with all the front-end improvements.

Student at Seneca for Software Development. Stay awhile, and lets learn something new together!

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