Iterative Progress

Status report: it’s best to break up a problem into smaller pieces

Phew! Dumping all my time into that issue to handle inline images really took a toll since nothing I did could produce the intended results without unintended consequences. Yet oddly, I feel a sense of resolve to keep going and be active more than ever to get it reviewed and merged. I felt bad earlier this week because I couldn’t handle my simple front-end issues — but through the iterative struggle, I’ve talked with more people this week than in all my previous weeks working on Telescope combined. I guess I just had to admit that I *didn’t* have a solid grasp on the bugs that were plaguing me and that it’s best to reach out (and in some cases bug people — get it?) for help than it is to make them wait on a PR that will never get resolved. Moreover, the beautiful thing about iterative progress is that it’s iterative (and still progress). No duh right? Though. it’s something that has escaped my mind while working on my UI issues as I wanted to get the perfect solution for all to see, not realizing that I could break down the problem into easier-to-tackle smaller pieces.

Things to do for the weekend and next week: get #1791 and #1807 merged since they’re ready to ship, issue #1983 (since it’s something that I’ve been messing around with), figure out what is expected from this issue #1809 since it already looks good to me, and lastly — put the nail in the coffin to the BlogSpot bug by implementing #1975. Oh and I think I needed to file an issue and PR for the SearchResults still using the old posts URL. That’s it, see you guys next week.

Student at Seneca for Software Development. Stay awhile, and lets learn something new together!

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