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Talking to the right people, juggling branches, and reviewing issues

Hey all! This past week I got a couple of my PRs merged (see here and here) and now it’s full steam ahead with accessibility. Below is essentially the code in my latest PR that solves one of the most troubling thorns in my side. With my element decorator PR merged, I can finally single out BlogSpot posts and style them accordingly — and with just 4 lines of CSS code, the sizing issue saga can finally come to an end.

* Custom styling for different blogging platforms.
* Known hosts so far are: [medium.com, dev.to, blogspot.com], otherwise the class is "is-generic".
* To add to this list see the Post.tsx file, under the `extractBlogClassName()` function.
.telescope-post-content.is-blogspot img {
display: block;
width: auto;

Student at Seneca for Software Development. Stay awhile, and lets learn something new together!

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