Working on the 1.8 Release

Status report: full steam ahead

Hey everyone! To recap what I was planning to do for the Telescope 1.8 release in my last blog, two specific things I wanted to take on were working on making the DynamicImage component fully dynamic and updating the ‘help’ UI for the search page.

For the first issue, above is what I started with — and as you can see the DynamicImage is simply just an image within a picture tag and some CSS above. What I really need to implement here is the randomness of the background photo and allow it to change and transition to other photos. For reference, here is what the Gatsby version of the DynamicImage component looks like (take note of the random generator):

One thing that has been troubling me was the Gatsby syntax and structure for rendering React pages, though with some more trial and error I think I can replicate the original Telescope look. If I successfully pull this off in time I can even put in an issue to re-add the DynamicImage component to the error page — something I removed because it wouldn't scale properly on mobile.

As for the ‘help’ UI issue, I don’t think that will be too big of a problem considering that it was quite well designed and planned out, all I need to do is replicate it in CSS. Moreover, there are more issues to address over the coming weeks that involve more work to be done in the new search page UI and some other UI bugs.

As a final side note, our Telescope team just had a crash course in Docker and wow! What a powerful tool that I definitely want to try and get involved in once this UI stuff has been handled.

Student at Seneca for Software Development. Stay awhile, and lets learn something new together!

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